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Telefonica / O2 Germany

Several of the highly available, scalable, distributed and continuously expanded Boccaccio based voice portal platforms operated in O2’s mobile telephone network allow the flexible and quick introduction of new speech services in best time by making use of the latest technologies and open interfaces, such as the ETSI standard OSA.

Ventocom Austria

Ventocom is a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE). The company has chosen Sonorys as technology partner to deploy MVNO services.

HoT Austria

HoT Austria has currently the most appealing offer for mobile users in the Austrian market! HoT launched services in January 2015 as MVNO on the Sonorys Boccaccio platform. The unexpectedly high customer growth was managed by the scalability and flexibility of the Boccaccio platform.

HoT Slovenia

HoT Slovenia is MVNO in the mobile network of A1 Slovenia , the second largest mobile operator in Slovenia and part of the Telekom Austria Group. In order to support the expansion of the successful brand HoT, the Boccaccio MVNE suite has been successfully deployed in Slovenia and integrated with the core-network of A1 Slovenia.

Hutchison Drei Austria

Hutchison DREI has chosen Boccaccio MVNE solution to address a wide variety of possible MVNO set-ups, from Light to Branded Reseller. From IoT Data Only MVNO to traditional Voice, SMS and Data provider.

The unmatched tailoring and customization possibilities of Boccaccio OSS and BSS  make possible to address the different needs of each MVNO in the platform.

Eety Austria

Eety is the first MVNO on the Sonorys Boccaccio MVNE platform behind the Hutchison Drei Austria mobile network. The service is online since Tuesday, the 23rd of October 2018. Cleverly affordable. Cleverly simple. Cleverly transparent.

Lidl Connect Austria

The mobile virtual network Operator Lidl Connect was launched in September 2019 and is operated by Hutchison 3 Austria on the Boccaccio MVNE platform.

Yesss! A1 Austria

YESSS! is Austria’s first Mobile Virtual Network Operator for discount mobile telephony. Sonorys deployed the full MVNO solution in three months.

PAYBOX Austria

Mobile payment – PAYBOX makes your mobile phone to your electronic purse!

PAYBOX is a mobile payment service of the paybox bank AG. The payment works with every mobile device in each Austrian mobile telephone network.

With the integrated IVR application in the Sonorys Boccaccio Service Plattform is the security of the transactions raised with PIN-request due automatic phone call.


Play Next is the new MVNO live style brand deployed at Play Network in Poland that relies on the Boccaccio MVNE Solution by using the Boccaccio OSS services,  the Multi-Tenancy, Provisioning and OCS middle-ware of Boccaccio BSS.

The deployment of Boccaccio has been an important driver in order to add flexibility in the tariff definition and allow a seamlessly integration of an external CRM, SelfCare and Mobile App.

Virgin Mobile Chile

Virgin Mobile is a leading branded venture capital organisation and is one of the world’s most recognized and respected brands. Together with our partner i-New, Sonorys delivered a SMS Center and a MMS Center for Virgin Mobile.

Parlem Spain

Parlem enables the mobile operators to offer carrier grade Cloud Telephony Services to their end customers. One essential component of this solution is the Boccaccio SMS-Center, which acts as bridging network element between the mobile operator network and the Internet. Sophisticated SMPP and SS7 routing algorithm as well as some HLR services (home location register) are covered by the Boccaccio based solution.

Maroc Telecom

On behalf of Nokia Siemens Network, SONORYS’ distribution partner i-New developed an IVR-based application for prepaid customers based on the SONORYS Boccaccio platform and integrated it into the network- and IT-infrastructure of Maroc Telecom.