Hutchsion Drei Austria is one of the largest mobile operators in Austria.

Sonorys Technology GmbH together with Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) as the main contractor launched successfully Prepay and Postpay Services based on the Sonorys Boccaccio platform.

The Boccaccio platform at Hutchsion Drei Austria is hosting several services for Drei prepay and postpay subscribers:

  • A VPN service for postpay users implemented as a Boccaccio IN-solution allows closed user groups such as small and medium sized companies as well as large enterprises to use abbreviated numbers and call forwarding services.
  • All prepay services, formerly existing on a different service platform (which is meanwhile out of service) have been improved with real-time charging interface, thus avoiding any fraud and negative account balances for mobile users. These real time charging interfaces are applied for voice calls, SMS services via the Boccaccio SMS-router and data services via the Boccaccio charging services applying state-of-the-art Diameter protocol. The Boccaccio IN platform delivered to Hutchsion Drei Austria has many SS7 and TCP/IP interfaces to existing network infrastructure, and has realized many different tariff options for prepay users. All services are made available to roaming users as well through the appliance of CAMEL Phase 3 services.
  • A Boccaccio USSD service allows a prepay user with no money on the account to request recharges or callbacks from friends or family members. All services launched at Orange are aware of Mobile Number Portability.

The Sonorys operations and support team is operating, monitoring and supporting the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thus ensuring a continuous service for all Drei customers.