Voice Gateways

The Boccaccio voice gateway provides carrier-grade interworking for media and signaling between IP and PSTN networks. Available are the following types of voice gateways:

  • SS7-ISUP to ISDN gateway
  • SS7-ISUP to SIP gateway
  • ISDN to SIP gateway

Such a gateway can be used for different purposes, e.g.

  • to interconnect different types of networks (e.g. PRI to SS7 CIC),
  • to connect voice recording solutions to PSTN or IP networks or
  • to fulfill LI (Legal Intercept) requirements for mobile operators.


The SMS-gateway is the door opener for value added service (VAS) provider to connect to either Boccaccio based SMS-Center or to any 3rd party vendor SMS-Center. An SMPP interface or Web based SMS messaging can be used towards the VAS provider (the IP interface). The interface to the TelCo network is SS7/MAP with either TDM or SIGTRAN as the carrier protocol.


The USSD gateway is used to connect any SMPP based USSD application to the TelCo network. Typcial USSD applications can support prepaid balance checks, prepaid topup, call back services or other type of information services. Network Originated or Mobile Originated messages are supported. Accordingly the protocol variant USSDv1 (with either SS7/MAPv1 or MAPv2) or respectively USSDv2 (with SS7/MAPv2) is used.


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